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Cardiac Rehabilitation

St. Mark's Cardiac Rehabilitation staff are friendly and welcoming. We work with your physician to develop an individualized program which can help you safely increase activity levels and return to life as normal. The program includes education and counseling to help you better understand your heart condition:

  • Prescribed Exercise
  • Controlling High Blood Pressure
  • Improve/Manage Diabetes
  • Weight Loss/Control
  • Lowering Cholesterol
  • Healthy Eating Habits
  • Reduction/Cessation of Smoking

Do YOU need Cardiac Rehabilitation? Have you had ..........

  • Heart Attack
  • Congestive Heart Failure
  • Stents
  • Bypass Surgery (CABG)
  • Heart Valve Repair/Replacement
  • Angina
  • Heart or Heart-Lung Transplant

Insurance Coverage

Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation is covered by most insurance companies. We can help contact your insurance company to ask about coverage before you begin the program.

Scheduling & Admission Process

After receiving a written order with a qualifying diagnosis from your physician for Cardiac Rehabilitation at St. Mark's, our staff will reach out to schedule an evaluation for the program. Admission paperwork and scheduling will occur at this time, as well.

Items to Bring to Admission Appointment:

  • Insurance Card
  • Medication List
  • Comfortable Clothing

St. Mark's Cardiac Rehabilitation

Two St. Mark's Place, Suite 150
La Grange, Texas 78945
(979) 242-2151

Directions to Two St. Mark's Place (Medical Office Building): Map

Medical Office Building Map (Cardiac Rehabilitation, Suite 150): Site Map

Care Concerns

It is our desire that you be fully satisfied with the care you receive at St. Mark's and the people who deliver it. If you have a concern, we want to resolve it as soon as possible. If you have voiced a concern to your care provider and feel it has not been addressed or resolved, please contact the Director of Cardiac Rehabilitation, Carlos Cantu: 979-242-2203.

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