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Mark Kimball, 
President and CEO
Mark Kimball,
President and CEO

Year End Update, 2021

From the CEO's Desk...

Since 2020, we all have been living with the Pandemic and its impact, and while we now have readily available vaccines to minimize the severity of COVID-19, it is still heavily impacting our community and the St. Mark's Medical Center (SMMC) team. I continue to be in awe of everyone at SMMC for how they have represented us -- tirelessly encouraging prevention, providing treatment and rehab, and comfort -- for our patients and their families, and each other.

As I reflect on 2021, I also continue to be impressed with the level of care that our team provides for the more mainstream services available at SMMC -- orthopedic, cardiac, surgical, emergency, wound care, and more. If you are not familiar with what we offer, I invite you to get to know us.

One of the more significant highlights of the year was SMMC being recognized as a Top 100 Rural and Community Hospital in the US, as measured by the Chartis Center for Rural Health, a division of the Chartis Group, the nation's largest independent healthcare advisory firm.

While we are all proud of this recognition, we also know that to maintain delivery of high quality care, we must continue to evolve -- plan for the future, invest in our people and our facility, as well as build partnerships that can help us grow our offerings. We have made great progress this past year and are well positioned to serve this community in 2022 and beyond.

We are pleased that our team continues to score above national averages in several areas of patient surveys. Some of the specific measures that we're most proud of from our emergency room patients include coordination of care; listening to and respecting our patients' preferences; providing physical comfort; and the cleanliness of our facility.

And our inpatient surveys also showed some particularly strong results, including significant improvement in the overall rating of hospital stays, and some of the highest scores in overall communication with and from our nurses and physicians. These surveys help us identify areas for improvement, and we hope that you'll complete yours after receiving care from SMMC.

While we are halfway through our fiscal year 2022, we closed out FY2021 with the following financials and statistics that may surprise you. I am confident that we can build upon these totals this year.

Total Revenue: $29,079,625 -- Nearly 90% of our revenue is evenly split between commercial insurance and Medicare insurance, and 10% between self-pay and Medicaid insurance. With over 55% of our revenue coming from government sponsored insurance, you can understand why our hospital must comply with federal requirements such as staff vaccination for COVID-19 -- it's about more than helping keep our staff and their families, and our patients healthy.

Operating Expenses: $27,818,355

Total Admissions: 830

Total Emergency visits: 7,600

Surgeries: 1,006

Total Outpatient Visits: 29,973

Of special note, SMMC provided $4.8 million in uncompensated care and free services in FY2021. We are proud to be able to help our most vulnerable community members access quality health care, and as a rural, community hospital, this is also why we look for outside funding opportunities such as grants and endowments from our Foundation and the community.

Highlights from 2021

Numbers do not tell our whole story, and we have a great story to tell! We're working to help offer more care, close to home.

  • Dr. Amy Gutierrez-Cerelli, a board certified family medicine physician, joined La Grange Family Health Center in July

  • Our Wound Care Center received national recognition for their efforts with the Going the Distance quality award for meeting and exceeding standards

  • We offered COVID-19 vaccine clinics on our campus to our employees and the community

  • Southwest Medical Associates became our new emergency services partners, providing 24/7 support and accepting all insurance payors

New talent -- we've added top hires to help drive our efforts

You may have already met them in the hospital or the community; please help us make them feel welcome!

  • Hillery Carraway, Human Resources Director

  • Seth Gregory, Director of Quality & Infection Prevention

  • Jenifer Leyendecker, Director of Surgical and Ambulatory Care Services

  • Chris Washington, Director of Patient Financial Services

  • Edward Tusa, Chief Financial Officer; and

  • DeAndrea Baker, Executive Assistant

Financial investments -- we're adding to and updating our equipment ($1.55 million investment)

  • Upgrading our building automation system which keeps our patients and staff safe and comfortable

  • New patient monitors, sterilizers, instrument washers and surgery sinks

  • COVID-19-related clinical testing equipment; and

  • Anesthesia machines

Community interaction -- we're connecting with our neighbors

  • Meeting with local government and civic groups, chambers of commerce, communicating through local media to ensure we're transparent about activities at the hospital

  • Reengaging with our St. Mark's Volunteers -- the Purple Angels -- who add an additional level of comfort for our patients

  • Holding a successful campus blood drive, and we hope this was the first of many as our community and state struggle with ensuring that there are adequate supplies available

  • Coordinating food and clothing drives at Thanksgiving and Christmas for the community

Strategic planning -- we're creating roadmaps for the future

  • Launched a strategic marketing and communication plan

  • Created a Medical Staff Development Plan for current and future providers; and

  • Conducted a Physician satisfaction survey to better understand their thoughts on the hospital's current practices and how we can improve our offerings

Our team has been busy, as you can tell! We will continue to advance our offerings to our community, and as you get to know more about us, you'll feel confident in the broad healthcare services available close to home.

Sincere regards,

Mark Kimball
President and CEO
St. Mark's Medical Center

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