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Mark Kimball, St. Mark's Medical Center's, President and CEO
Mark Kimball, St. Mark's Medical Center's, President and CEO

St. Mark's Medical Center Completes Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) Community Feedback Invited on Resulting Plan Aimed to Improve Area Health and Wellness

Release date: July 19th, 2022

La Grange, TX - St. Mark's Medical Center (SMMC) is pleased to make available its latest Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA), following a comprehensive and in-depth examination of the community's healthcare use, practices and needs.

The CHNA report includes health-related information from various local and other sources and identifies the greatest health needs in the community.

"We studied our hospital's service area, which includes Fayette and Lee Counties," said Mark Kimball, SMMC President and Chief Executive Officer and part of the hospital leadership team involved in the study along with Community Hospital Corporation (CHC) of Plano, Texas. "The analyses include a careful review of the most current health data available, local demographics and input from several representatives of our community. The CHNA process is very thorough, and creates a blueprint report and implementation plan intended to address our area's most significant needs over the next three years."

The key areas of SMMC's focus over the coming months and years include:

  • Continued Recruitment of Primary and Specialty Care Services and Providers

  • Access to Affordable Care and Reducing Health Disparities Among Specific Populations

  • Access to Mental and Behavioral Health Care Services and Providers

  • Continued Focus on COVID-19 Prevention & Response

  • Prevention, Education and Services to Address High Mortality Rates, Chronic Diseases, Preventable Conditions and Unhealthy Lifestyles

As part of the Affordable Care Act, 501(c)3 hospitals are required to complete a CHNA once every three years.

"The COVID-19 pandemic revealed challenges and opportunities for our hospital and team, and the CHNA report validated many of our own observations and assessments of our community health needs and available health resources," added Kimball. "The analysis and collaboration across community health partners is critical, and the plan provides an important tool that will help us together improve services, access and the health of our community over time."

Along with St. Mark's Medical Center leadership, CHC's experienced Planning Team led the CHNA process and produced the final report. CHC has conducted more than 100 CHNA reports for hospitals and other health care organizations using proven processes that align with IRS regulations. CHC's knowledgeable team produces CHNA reports, facilitates certain CHNA step(s) (depending on the clients needs) and/or reviews CHNA and Implementation Plans for accuracy once completed by individual hospitals.

Benefits derived from performing a CHNA include:

  • Improved relationships and communications with local civic organizations and state and local public health organizations

  • Accurate performance metrics and benchmarks for quantifying future progress

  • Increased understanding of local health and wellness needs

CHNAs typically identify top health and social concerns, including:

  • Chronic health issues like diabetes, obesity and heart problems

  • Mental health issues

  • Substance abuse with opioids, alcohol and illicit drugs

  • Attracting and retaining high-quality medical professionals

  • Attracting younger families to rural communities

  • Achieving access to healthcare

  • Providing sufficient access to primary care and elder care

St. Mark's Medical Center invites all community members to provide feedback on its CHNA and Implementation Plan report.

To view or download the full CHNA report, please visit our website here. Information on how to provide feedback is included at the end of the report, as well as at the site of the report download.

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