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PRN Physical Therapist - Weekends - Rehab Services
To provide various methods of Physical Therapy and supervision of such methods in the direct treatment of patients as prescribed by physician orders. To serve as a resource person for PT Assistants and PT Aides by performing these and other duties as assigned.

Should possess the ability to interact with staff, patients and the public, in the form of visitors, family and caregivers, effectively and respectfully. The position will require the person to work collaboratively with members of the rehabilitation team in order to meet team goals and objectives for the benefit of the patient. He/She will be required to collaborate professionally and respectably with other healthcare disciplines and physicians to meet patient goals and expectations. Must follow all regulations to maintain patient confidentiality and patient privacy.

OVERTIME STATUS: Nonexempt (hourly – eligible for overtime)


Minimum Education: Bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy.

Essential Skills Required:
1.Possess thorough knowledge of Physical Therapy utilizing physical therapy procedures and protocols in compliance with hospital guidelines and the Physical Therapy Practice Act.
2.Demonstrates the use of Physical Therapy forms, charge sheets, and other paperwork involved in daily operations of the Physical Therapy department.
3.Demonstrate an understanding of Physical Therapy equipment and its operations. Able to utilize independently and serve as a resource to others.
4.Demonstrate an understanding of productivity standards/expectations and assure these are maintained on a daily basis.
5.Possess good oral, written and interactive communication skills.

Required Licenses/Certifications:
Eligible for or licensed by Texas Board of Physical
Therapy Examiners.

Required Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities:
Must be able to treat patients of all ages from pediatric
to geriatric.

Essential functions are those tasks, duties, and responsibilities that comprise the means of accomplishing the job’s purpose and objectives. Essential functions are critical or fundamental to the performance of the job. They are the major functions for which the person is held accountable. Following are the essential functions of the job, along with the corresponding performance standards.

1. Perform initial evaluation through interpretation and evaluation of tests and measurements of the neuromuscular and skeletal functions/systems.
A. Demonstrates skill and accuracy in performing patient evaluations and records results on evaluation forms in measurable, objective criteria in compliance with PT policy/procedures.
B. Assess the needs of the patient, formulating realistic and appropriate short and long term goals and record on initial evaluation in measurable/quantitative terms; discusses these goals with the patient and/or family and documents such.
C. Completes written report day of completion of initial evaluation and places in medical record.
2. Plan and implement initial and subsequent treatments through the use of therapeutic exercise, massage, mechanical devices, special techniques, and/or therapeutic agents within the referral or prescription of the physicians.
A. Daily documentation of treatment provided with therapist initials and signature in medical records.
B. Written documentation in measurable/quantitative terms of new techniques/new activities performed in course of treatment in compliance with department policy/procedure (i.e. at least 1 note/week and daily documentation of new activities).
C. Appropriately treats the medically unstable patient, carefully monitoring patient’s response, vital signs, etc. as necessary and documents such.
D. Adequately prepares patient for discharge and documents such that it may include by mot limited to any programs, attaining necessary equipment, referral for continued services post discharge – i.e. Home Heatlh, OP services, etc.; provide caregiver training, etc.
E. Regularly provides clinical work direction to Physical Therapy assistant, delegates’ part of the treatment program to the supportive staff, communicates regularly regarding treatment and co-signs notes.
F. Demonstrates competency of all outlined competencies (as listed by specific areas).
3. Motivate and instruct the patient and/or their family using appropriate methods.
A. As required, adapts conventional physical therapy techniques to meet the needs to patients unable to comprehend verbal commands or voluntarily carry out a regime of the therapeutic exercises and documents the above.
B. Establishes and maintains a therapeutic relationship with patient uses praise and other reinforcements to encourage appropriate behavior.
C. Regularly demonstrates an ability to deal effectively with a variety of disabilities and age groups from pediatric to geriatric.
4. Ability to prioritize frequency and intensity of patient care, flexibility at scheduling to successfully meet the patient/family and departmental needs.
A. Responds to changes in the work schedule as necessary, continually uses time between patient treatments for departmental projects, cleaning department, organizing, etc.
B. Accurately completes charge sheets and patient charges on a daily basis.
5. Attends continuing education courses and conducts in-services for staff. Participates in professional organization meetings/activities.
A. Obtain and maintains state licensure as required.
B. Attends seminars or continuing education offerings on a yearly basis for CEU credits consistent with PT goals and gives in-service to staff.
C. Attends in-house in-services on a routine basis.
6. Communication with physicians regarding patient treatment programs.
A. Consistently contacts physicians when there is a question or concern regarding prescribed patient orders and documents conversations/communications in medical chart.
B. Consistently combines ethical judgment with technical skill within policy and legal guidelines of the institution and PT practice act documents clearly in chart any such occurrences.
7. Participate in and assist with departmental and/or hospital project or program.
A. Perform staff in-service programs or participate in projects in areas pertinent to institutional need.
B. Participates in orientation of hospital personnel, residents, and/or provide “PT overview” training of allied health professionals.
8. Assist in training and instruction of physical therapy students.
9. Maintains interpersonal skills/relations at very commendable level.
A. Strives to work effectively and maintain good working relationships and rapport with other members of the rehab team; demonstrates hospital’s Behavioral Expectations.
B. Works well with supervisor and those in authority positions.
C. Provides direction and assistance to patients, families and visitors in a courteous and positive manner.
10. Direct aides in necessary operations of PT department.
A. Regularly delegates parts of treatment program to aides for overall departmental efficiency.
B. Effectively communicates to the aides so that clear understanding of expectation is achieved
11. Perform other related duties as directed.
A. Maintains productivity standards of department.
B. Attendance is at or above hospital standards.
C. Patient satisfaction meets or exceeds national average.

Indicate the appropriate physical requirements of this job in the course of a shift.
Note: Reasonable accommodations may be made for individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of this position.

Essential Physical Requirements:
1.Ability to transfer patients providing necessary assistance as deemed necessary by patient’s diagnosis and physical condition.
2.Hearing and visual acuity sufficient to meet patient’s functional needs.
3.Ability to manage patient’s emergencies, including cardiac arrests, aggressive behaviors, falls, or other emergencies as necessary.
4.Demonstrates and utilize good body mechanics when treating patients and handling equipment/machinery.

Additional Information
Position Type : Pool/PRN/Per Diem
Shift : Day

Contact Information
Hillery Carraway - Human Resources Director
Human Resources
1 St. Mark's Place
La Grangte, TX 78945
Phone: 979-242-2220

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